Our Brand Story

With 15 years in business perfecting formulations and developing products, consulting with world renowned cosmetic chemists, herbalists and aromatherapists, we use the most effective ingredients in every product for the best results. Not only do we use powerful botanic plant actives, we also formulate our products with plant peptides and stem cells along with skin perfecting AHAs and a targeted delivery system for optimal results. You need outstanding ingredients  to create a superior formula. We know the highest quality ingredients don’t simply come from a bottle, but instead, begin with the seed, that’s why we start  with organic/non GMO seeds and source our ingredients from climates where they thrive in their native soil,  elevation, and region. This approach allows us to work with artisan farmers and fair-trade wild-harvesters to select top tier ingredients. We then develop our products in our state of the art lab located in the Chicagoland area. 


On staff, we have over 50 years of combined esthetic experience in all aspects of the spa industry – estheticians, educators, spa managers and owners.  In fact, we’re made by estheticians for estheticians. A little backstory – Green Envee was established by a family passionate about sustainability and a holistic lifestyle. This holistic upbringing drove their interest  in creating a solutions based product line for family members’ skin conditions that have existed in their family for generations. They started the company because there was a gap in the marketplace for products that were free of fragrance, filler, irritants and toxic ingredients. They wanted to create formulas that  would help rebuild and repair damaged skin and most importantly, produce results. And now, Green Envee surpasses the highest standards for clean beauty with products in spas across the country along with Canada and parts of Asia. 


When it comes to packaging, we make responsible choices by using environmentally sustainable materials  that are recyclable and biodegradable, along with a commitment to cruelty free, vegan and fair trade ingredients. Our packaging is made with up to 80%  post consumer recycled materials, including reclaimed plastic cleaned up from the oceans.


High performance, results driven, vegan and cruelty free, Green Envee truly is the culmination of years of research and dedication to creating transformative skincare products free from toxins. You’ll also  find our brand aesthetic feels luxe inside and out.