Is frankincense a cure for cancer?

frankincense cure for cancer

Is frankincense a cure for cancer?

Finding a cure for cancer is among the top goals in our society in this day and age. With so many technological advances in the field of medicine, it is difficult to believe that a disease that affects so many could continue to go without a cure. But a recent hope for a cure doesn’t come from technology – it actually comes from an essential oil that is nearly as old as time itself.

Frankincense, one of the gifts given to the baby Jesus in the biblical tale, is now being researched as a possible cure for cancer. There isn’t a lot known about exactly how frankincense could cure cancer, but the few facts that are known are encouraging to those working in the field. Scientists have found that there is an agent within frankincense that has caused cancer cells to close themselves down and stop spreading.

The isolation on the cancer cells is perhaps the biggest breakthrough that the frankincense could provide. With current treatments like chemotherapy, a blast is given to all cells in the affected region. The cancer cells are killed in the process, but so are healthy cells. This is what causes the patient to get so sick. And the chemotherapy also doesn’t stop the active cancer cells from spreading.

frankincense cure for cancerCancer begins when healthy DNA is corrupted, causing cell production that is not natural. In testing that has been done, the frankincense appears to reverse this process.

Dr. Mahmoud Suhail is one of the key contributors to the research of frankincense as a cure for cancer. But one of his main tasks will now be isolating exactly what within the frankincense is causing the positive reaction with cancer cells.

While the research and eventual hope for a cure is a long way off, we think this continues to speak to the benefits of essential oils. There is so much we still don’t know about what they can offer the world – even though they have been around so long.

As for frankincense, it is present in our Egyptian Myrrh and Sandalwood line of products here at Green Envee. The wild harvested frankincense is very rare, and the same as is being used in the cancer research.

We all hope for an eventual cure to cancer – a disease that has affected so many. And if a true natural product can be at the heart of that cure, it would be even more special.


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