Detox through the feet with our all-natural pedicure line

foot detox

Get a true foot detox the all-natural way.

Toxins are all around us. Unfortunately, simply exposing yourself to the elements in this day and age means you are going to come in contact with toxins. Luckily, there are ways to rid your body of these harmful toxins. One such way is an appropriate natural pedicure regimen. The idea of detox through the feet uses an ancient Chinese and Indian ayurvedic healing principle.

Detox Through the Feet

But does the body really get rid of toxins through the feet? According to the proven method, the feet are the natural release point for toxins from the body in a holistic approach. Certain areas of the feet correspond to areas of the body. Therefore, by detox through the feet, these areas of the body will naturally be detoxified as well.

By employing these ancient proven methods, Green Envee has formulated a four-step detox pedicure process that rids the body of toxins and provides an increase in oxygen levels and stamina. Essentially, the body is able to operate at its peak and natural level thanks to this detoxifying process.

The first step in the process is the use of the Green Envee Detox Pedicure Salt Soak. This product softens the skin, cuticles and nails while cleansing the feet, setting them up perfectly for the next steps in the process. It also begins the detox process using Himalayan Pink Salt and Icelandic Sea Kelp. The blend is rich in negative ions, which helps balance out the body’s high amount of positive ions that come from the environment.

Now that the feet have been prepped, the Exfoliating Pedicure Cane Sugar Scrub comes into play. The Sucrose (Vegan Cane Sugar) and Organic Jojoba Oil will soothe the feet while ridding them of unneeded excess. This exfoliation process is the perfect prep for the grooming stage of the pedicure.

The third step involves the massaging of the feet using our Hydrating Pedicure Sorbet. The Coconut Oil in the product provides a relaxing feel for the feet while also beginning the healing process on areas of the feet that are rough or calloused. This product is also used around the cuticles in preparation for polish.

detox salt soak

Our Moisturizing Pedicure Lotion is the final step in the process, creating that perfect polish that serves as a great finish to any pedicure. The lotion provides the final nourishment for the feet that leaves them with great texture and feel.

The process of detox through the feet is one that has been used for approximately 4,000 years. At Green Envee, we’ve further perfected this ancient process and made it accessible to you. Check out these products along with our other organic body care products.

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