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What is a Demi Spa?

Want to experience a luxurious guided spa treatment with your group? Lets face it; facials can be quite pricey. But since dirt, pollution, and dead skin build up no matter what, facials seem to be unavoidable. Maintaining your skin is important. If done correctly, facials can repair damaged skin and restore lost moisture. Our Demi Spa event includes everything your skin needs to help maintain it’s healthy glow, and more! Our certified Esthetician will take you through a nourishing and effective step-by-step, facial care protocol. She will demonstrate proper technique, as well as match you with the right products your skin type really needs! Plus, you get to enjoy complimentary Gia Mia appetizers and refreshments while you bond with your family, friends and neighbors! These spa parties are offered both as private and public events. Public events are priced at $35 per guest, while private events may vary. Please contact us for more information!

Facial Workshop

– cleanse impurities away using Green Envee products

– aromatherapy facial steaming

– product discussion and technique demonstration

– exfoliation and remineralization

– complimentary skin analysis with proprietary skin mapping technology ($45 value)

– complimentary masque brush ($10 value)

Food and Beverage

Enjoy delicious, complimentary refreshments and farm-to-table food concepts by Gia Mia.

Special Offers and Promotions

As a special ‘Thank You’ to all of our guests for joining us, receive special event offers and promotions available only to our Demi Spa guests on the night of the event! Special offers and promotions will vary.


Green Envee
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Looking for an Exclusive Private Event for you and your friends?

Allow us to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests! No matter the occasion, we are ready to plan your party or answer any questions you might have. Please say hello!